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Dear Partners & Business Colleges.

We are happy to announce that May 2001 we have opened our second office in Moscow, Russia, which is now fully operational & provides the same range of services to the Club members & timeshare Companies & Developers, as we have been doing since 1996 from St-Petersburg.

It became a necessity to open in Moscow since our client database has nearly reached 8000 families , 30% of whom are the Club members living in Moscow or in the far regions of CIA (such as mid of Siberia, far North, Ukraine, Kazahstan ) with more chance to visit us in Moscow as a matter of travel convenience.

By opening our Moscow office we expect a further growth of client database & as a result the business as well by the end of this year by 20%.

We expect that with our presence in Moscow we shall achieve some improvement in the climate for timeshare business in general. Thou being the only OTE member company in Russia between 1999 and 2007, no one is expecting us to go openly against the crooks that flooded with their fake packs & resale scams our market.

The fact that we provide since 1996 free legal & usage consultancies to the timeshare owners & purchases in St-Petersburg gave a fruitful result. During the last two years St-Petersburg timeshare market has witnessed only two attempts of the resale scam invaders which failed totally (both gone before they started) without any need to appeal to the authorities for the help, only due to the fact that people possessing the knowledge that we gave them don’t trust the fake stories & with our help know where to check the information.

For the job we do we get the total respect from the other companies in St-Petersburg that are doing along term clean business

In this respect we would like to thank all our partners for the support in providing us with all the information required by our Russian clients.

We also think that with having our base in Moscow we shall have a better opportunity to influence on the introduction of timeshare legislation in Russia, which should be aimed at not ruining the existing business but be a turning point for opening the timeshare resorts in Russia, which will become the second boom of timeshare in Russia.

During the last couple of years we saw more interest with the Russian members who lost their ownership for nonpayment of the maintenance to be reinstated in the Club.

Having been sold in the early years of timeshare the Russian members were not provided the appropriate information in Russian or sometimes were totally confused. Since years go & with more travel experience Russians started to respect more the product & are willing to get back in the system. This is a great sign for the industry!

We want to thank the Club Members Committees & the Management Companies who were willing to give the second chance to the members. Since last year we are running a special programs with them in making this process more affective. We are intending to double these operations with our office in Moscow. And we shall be more then happy to work with the other Resorts & Clubs who are willing to join us.

Special thanks to all the Developers with whom we have been working during our 5 years & with whom we are working now, who provide us with inexpensive inventory that makes it possible to complete the uncompleted business left by the run away companies & thus to get the trust of Russians back to the industry in general & receive the happy members on the mutually financially beneficial base. We shall continue this business here in Moscow as well.

We are grateful to the Exchange Companies that are not only supporting our good name but also find it important & fruitful to do business with us.

Please accept our apologize for not approaching you personally, but we are in a hurry to inform all our friends, partners, & business colleges in the timeshare industry all over the world of our expending possibilities.

With kindest regards

Nelly Margolit

Of Help Line International.


E-mail: nelly@helplinein.com

Web: http://www.helplinein.com



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