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Help Line Travel Club

(licensed, Quality Certificate 1998,1999) is offering from the free consultancies how to use the product to assistance in booking the holiday with the owned resorts, exchanges and bonus weeks, late brakes, rentals.

We provide travel-visas for russians worldwide, as we are officialy registered with most of the Foreign Consulates in Russia.

And of cause flights, as we are contracted to the all major airline companies as well as charter ones.

We also operate a Fly-Buy program to Spain, Canaries, Thailand, Turkey, Cyprus... And as part of it we offer the developers the hospitality (keep the deal in bed) and collection services.

Unlike the other Russian companies, the majority of our F-B's are not "Cold Line" (though we also run the affective programs with expensive jewelry & fur shops, travel agencies, referrals...)

Our main database for F-B’s consists of:

  • Exit-Pack owners (3-5-year memberships, F-B vouchers…)
  • "Burnt" clients (who have paid from $300 to $30,000 to the companies which are gone by now, who still believe in Timeshare as a product, but are cautious to pay Off-Site)
  • Existing owners (who showed us an interest to purchase the second week, or the owners of some "Studio-Blues" in the resorts with low exchange value, who are prepared for Upgrade & want to see the Resort)


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+ 7 (812) 327 32 22

E-mail: nelly@helplinein.com

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